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In celebration of Graham Kew's 50 years in picture framing and associated arts, he has decided to relaunch the web site

This improved website will now feature information on guided tours, forthcoming events in the village, stories about local people and village life.  The site will advertise Graham's range of local books, postcards and pictures for sale and where they can be purchased.

The Minster Lovell Village News is currently produced at Graham's Workshop primarily by his Production Team lead by Vicki Ashby and Roger Coggins.  This booklet goes out quarterly and is a non- profit making production and can be accessed via this website.

Many other exciting new ventures will appear on this site in due course, such as details of special art exhibitions, Annual Guest Lectures and good old favourites: private evening tours of the Ruins, A Ghostly affair, and Bat Nights. Videos will appear from time to time taken from old material and there will be new ones like The Hauntings, Jubilee Celebrations and let's not forget Carterville, an amazing story which we hope to bring to you in more detail this year.

None of this would be possible without the loyal support and experience of our WebDesigner and artist.  Having already built us  a successful picture framing site, he is determined to use his skills to make this site informative, but also a joy to view for all those who have yet to visit MInster Lovell - enjoy! 

Minster Lovell itself is a well-renowned Historic Site situated in West Oxfordshire, England. The village was named Minstre, situated in the ancient hundred of Bampton in 1086. The dedication of the Church of England parish church to the Saxon Saint Kenelm and the name "Minster" in the toponym suggest that the village may have had a Saxon minster, possibly associated with a Mercian royal Vill. However, the earliest known documentary record of the church is from 1183 the present St. Kenelm's Church is the product of a rebuild in the 15th century. is where you can learn about local events and is an important focal point for the local community. To find out more about, please get in touch or visit us in person.

We look forward to welcoming you again soon.


There are so many ways to enjoy this site and open windows on its people, historic sites, daily life and special events, some of which are covered in the following pages.

Guided Tours

Join Graham or one of his team on a tour around the village.  Designed to suit your interests and requirements, they will plan a Tour which could include Chartervill and the Old village or just one half. Alternatively why not settle down in the church pews and listen to a talk on the church and Ruined Manor.  Refreshments can be covered at the church or one of the local inns or hotels.

Graham grew up in the village and has written several books and made two films so you will be in good hands!

Afternoon Talk and Tea with Graham Kew at St Kenelm's.

Sit back and relax in one of the ancient pews in the nave of St Kenelm's Church and let Graham talk you through its history and architecture. Listen to his stories of the Mistletoe Bough and The Lovel Family and his hopes to save St Kenelm's church by finding Francis 9th Baron Lovel's final resting place.  an experience not to be missed.

Films to watch

Discovering Minster Lovell - a village film in which many of the residents took part, covering medieval to present day, expertly filmed by Phil Richardson, voiceover Nathaniel Parker.

What's Happening - Spring Season

Plans are underway to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee of the the Queen and the 175th Anniversary of Charterville.

A wonderful way to see the village and some of its residents.

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Classic Camera

To ensure you get the most out of your visit to Minster Lovell, we offer some engaging ways to experience this, including our famous Guided Tours. These are a great way to start your journey in time, we have something special for everyone to enjoy - ask about our different tours.
Tel. (+44) 01993 775 262


No matter how long you spend at Minster Lovell, there’s always so much to see and do. Educational Activities make exploring the Historic Site both interesting and exciting. Feel free to ask Graham Kew for more information. School Trips are always popular - accompanying printed materials available - please ask. 01993 775 262


Learn more about Minster Lovell with our Highlights programme, which are available for all visitors to enjoy. With a variety of options to choose from, we’d be happy to help you make the best selection for you and your group. Options include Photography, Painting, Drawing, and more depending on the season. Please enquire. 01993 775 262


Calendar of Events



Saturday 12th March, 2022

The Tour includes entry into the 

grounds of Minster Mill Hotel to see the garden and Archimedes Screw generating green energy from the river and to hear how Dr Anthony Ambrose transformed mill into a Conference Centre.  
This is followed by a talk on the history of St Kenelm’s Church, the stained glass

windows, Leper’s squint, bats in the belfry.

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Sunday 3rd April, 2022

Celebrate 175th Anniversary of Charterville.
2pm Exhibition in St Kenelm’s Hall,

3pm Tour of Upper Crescent,

4pm Tea and refreshments St Kenelm’s Hall.

Price adults £4.00 and children £2. Proceeds to go towards a clean up project to provide safe paddling for parents and children on the south west corner of the bridge in time for summer and any excess to WASP
(Windrush Against Sewage Pollution)
Reserve your Tour Tickets now!. Contact Graham Kew or Vicki:  01993 775262

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To Be Advised

This is your chance to develop your artistic skills working in the open air.

Join in the fun as the group attempt to sketch, paint and photograph the area.

More details to follow - weather dependent - High Summer.


130 Burford Road - Minster Lovell

Oxfordshire - OX29 0RB

(+44) 01993 775 262

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