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Welcome to FACEBOOK -  What’s on in Minster Lovell.

Please keep your posts local, friendly and above all good-natured here. Let's respect our friends and neighbours, especially when their opinions may differ from our own. We would love to hear about your good news such as a wedding or new-born baby.

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This Facebook Group exists to encourage all sports through all ages, which includes senior and youth cricket, senior football, ladies and mens darts, and Aunt Sally, all are welcome.

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This is a group for people to share memories, photos, history, etc of Minster Lovell past.
All photos that are put on this group, must have permission from the copyright owner to be used, wherever practically possible. Thank You.

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We are a voluntary run baby & toddler group that meets every Friday morning 10-11.30am at St Kenelm's Village Hall in Minster Lovell. £2.50 per family. Everyone welcome!
We have a great range of toys and activities for all ages.

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