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Saturday 12th March, 2022

Walking Tour of Old Minster Lovell with Graham Kew on Saturday 12th March at 2.30pm, gathering at Wash Meadow Car Park. The Tour includes entry into the grounds of Minster Mill Hotel to see the garden and Archimedes Screw generating green energy from the river and to hear how Dr Anthony Ambrose transformed an old mill into a Conference Centre.  

This is followed by a talk on the history of St Kenelm’s Church, the stained glass windows, Leper’s squint, bats in the belfry (not for the squeamish), and why you should make a wish on Lovel’s Tomb! 

To end the Tour, a brief visit to the Ruined Manor in search of answers to the legend of the Mistletoe Bough and the disappearance of Francis Lovel after the Battle of Stoke and the quest to find his final resting place. 

Weather permitting, return to Wash Meadow across the fields and enjoy tea and scones in the Mill Hotel Gardens.

Price per adult £5 and children £3.

All proceeds to a Visitor Centre at St Kenelm’s

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